Версия для слабовидящих

Контрольные работы для 8 класса

Контрольная работа №1

Контрольная работа №2

1. Resort                8. Комплексная поездка
2. Stay-at-home 9. Пассажир
3. Suitcase 10. Багаж
4. Journey 11. Отпускник
5. On one’s own 12. Позволить себе
6. Destination 13. Паспорт
7. Declaration 14. Привычка

1. You ___ get a visa – должны
2. We____ playgames – необходимо
3. I ____ takeit – не нужно (официальные правила)
4. He ___ buy a ticket – следует
5. We ____ go for a walk – могли бы
6. You ___ takeit – нужно
7. I ___ gothere – не нужно

1.Visitors from almost all countries___(must/ should) get a visa to Russia.
2.If you go on a package holiday, you ___(should/ shouldn’t) make a hotel reservation.
3.You___ (ought to/ must) take a passport.
4. You ___(should/ can) read the travel leaflets.
5.Everybody___(ought to/ may) plan the trip properly.She ___ write the letter – следует

1. … Volga is the longest river in … Europe.
2. … Ottawa is the capital of … Canada.
3. The capital of … USA is … Washington, though some people think it’s … New York.
4. Next Year we are going skiing in … Swiss Alps.
5. … Malta has been a republic since 1974.
6. … Everest was first climbed in 1953.
7. Last year we visited … Canada and … USA.
8. … Africa is much larger than … Europe.
9. We went to … Spain for our holidays and swam in … Mediterranean.
10. Next weekend we are going skiing in … Caucasus.
11. … Milan is in north of … Italy.
12. … Nile is … longest river in … Africa.
13. … United Kingdom consists of … Great Britain and … Northern Ireland.

resorts                abroad
destination fill in
foreigners excursions
tickets travelling
suitcase tourist attractions


I like 1_________(путешествие) very much. My parents and I go 2 _________(заграницу) every summer. Our favourite3_________(местоназначения) is Cyprus because there are a lot of seaside 4________(курорты) and 5_________(достопримечательности). It is a great opportunity to meet 6 __________(иностранцы) and learn about culture and traditions of the country you visit from them. Besides, you can go on different 7 __________(экскурсии) to find out something new about the historical events of the country. We usually buy package tours, so we needn’t book thе
8 _________(билеты) and look for 9 ___________(жилье). We never travel on our own. I think it is dangerous. The only thing I don’t like in travelling is packing your 10 __________(чемодан) before you go. It takes a lot of time and you are always afraid that you can forget something. As a rule, at the airport you must have a visa and 11 __________(заполнять) customs declaration. After that you are on the plane and ready to have beautiful time!

1) Why is Cyprus Emma’s favorite destination?
2) How can you learn about culture and traditions of the country?
3) Why don’t Emma and her parents need to book the tickets and look for accommodation?
4) Why don’t Emma and her parents travel on their own?
5) Does Emma like packing her things?

Проверочная работа

1. A se_s_de
2. A res_ _t
3. An agen_y
4. Abro_d
5. To pr_fer
6. To at_ra_t
7. A hol_daym_ker
8. A de_tina_ion
9. A co_ch
10. To affo_d
11. Vari_us
12. A re_son
13. Ac_om_ _dation
14. A h_bit
15. A pack_ge holiday

Проверочная работа

1. Спиши слова вставляя артикль THE где необходимо.
___Suez,___Mount Everest, ___North Sea,___Spain,___British Isles, ___Mongolia, ___Downing Street, ___Rangoon, ___Hong Kong, ___Mr. Fogg, ___Reform Club, ___Shipping Company, ___Strait of Malacca, ___Malays, ___Singapore, ___White House, ___London Zoo, ___McDonald’s, ___English Channel, ___St. Basil’s Cathedral, ___National Gallery, ___Atlantic Ocean, ___Scotland, ___UK, ___Northern Ireland, ___Moscow, ___St. Petersburg, ___United States of America, ___Don, ___Netherlands, ___Baker Street, ___Alps.

2. Вставьтепропущенныеслова: WHO, WHICH, WHEN, WHERE.
1) I met him ________ I was visiting Paris.
2) Jack passed through the gate _______separates the house № 10 from the house № 11.
3) I like to spend my holidays in the summer center _______ I can do sports.
4) She is the girl ______I met in the library.